Protecting President Trump's Agenda

President Trump is on his way to fulfilling all the promises he made during the campaign, from securing our borders to standing up to China. Dane Eagle is committed to defending our President's agenda every step of the way and fighting back against the radical left who will stop at nothing to remove him from office.

Holding China Accountable

The COVID-19 crisis has made one thing clear – we cannot trust the Chinese Communist Party. That’s why Dane Eagle has a plan not only to boycott China, but to hold their leaders accountable for their crimes against humanity in an American-led tribunal, just like we did with the Nazis after World War II.

Standing With Law Enforcement

As radical liberals across the country rally to “defund the police,” Dane Eagle firmly stands the men and women serving in law enforcement. Dane is the only candidate in this race endorsed by the Florida Police Benevolent Association and will never stop fighting to ensure our law enforcement officers have the tools they need to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Stopping Cancel Culture

The erasure of statues and historical monuments is a hallmark of a communist insurrection, not a peaceful Democracy. Dane Eagle understands the importance of preserving our history as a nation and opposes all efforts to “cancel” individuals or organizations who are simply using their Right to Free Speech.

Rebuilding Our Economy

Florida families and businesses are bearing the brunt of the pandemic caused recession. In Congress, Dane Eagle will fight to ensure Floridians receive the relief we deserve to help not just our tourism sector, but our manufacturing, agriculture and small business sectors as well.

Standing Up For The 2nd Amendment

Dane Eagle believes the 2nd Amendment is not up for negotiation. As long as Dane has served in the State Legislature, he has sponsored and fought for legislation to protect gun rights for every Floridian, including efforts to make Florida an Open Carry state.

Stopping Illegal Immigration

Without borders, we don't have a nation. Dane Eagle wholeheartedly supports President Trump's plan to build the wall on our southern border and has helped lead the fight in the Florida House to ban unconstitutional "Sanctuary Cities" in our state. In Congress, Dane will fight on the front lines to ensure President Trump has the funds to keep our borders secure.

Restoring Our Water Quality

In Southwest Florida, our way of life is intricately tied to our environment. That's why Dane Eagle is leading the effort to clean up and protect waterways through historic legislation such as Legacy Florida, which provided $200 million per year for Everglades restoration. In Washington Dane will make sure the Federal Government fulfills its responsibility to fund water quality projects in our district.

Defending Our Conservative Values

Dane Eagle understands how important it is to defend the shared values of our community, and he has a proven record of standing up to the liberal elites who oppose our way of life. While Do-Nothing politicians only offer empty promises, Dane has a proven record of obtaining results and ensuring Southwest Florida remains a tremendous place to live, work and raise a family.

Standing up for Life

Human life is precious. That's why Dane has fought for legislation which increases penalties for abortion clinics that improperly dispose of fetal remains, and he has advocated for harsher penalties for those who engage in criminal conduct that harms or injures an unborn child. Recently Dane has supported legislation to require parental consent for a minor receiving an abortion and to outlaw abortions entirely when a fetal heartbeat is present. As a 100% Pro-Life Christian Conservative, we can count on Dane to protect the sanctity of life in Washington.

Cutting Taxes and Federal Regulations

Dane is fighting as House Majority Leader to cut spending and lower taxes, and now he's ready to take those fiscal conservative principles to Washington . During his time in office, Dane has supported $12.2 billion dollars in tax cuts and eliminated frivolous regulations to create jobs and empower the small businesses that make our communities great.

Improving Education

Families, not bureaucrats, should make the decision on where to send their children. Dane supported new laws expanding school choice and opposes any one-size fits all approach from the Federal Government to control our classrooms. Washington needs to stay out of the classroom - let's leave our students' education to local government and families.

School Safety

The safety of our children should be an absolute priority for our Federal Government. In the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy, Dane worked to make our schools safer than ever before by passing the Guardian Program to allow trained school faculty to carry firearms. Dane has also led the fight to chip away at so-called "gun free zones" like schools and churches which are targets for terrorists and criminals.

Reducing Wasteful Spending

Just like us, our State Government has to live within its means. Dane Eagle opposes wasteful government spending and fights every day to ensure your taxes are used appropriately.

Serving Those That Serve Us

When it comes to caring for our veterans, Dane has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of care our nation’s heroes receive. Dane passed legislation to create a “Medal of Honor Day” in order to show our respect and appreciation for our Veterans, as well as the "GI BILL" which helped cement Florida’s reputation as one of the most Veteran friendly states in the country.