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COVID 19 Helpful Links and Resources

The novel coronavirus has disrupted not just our jobs but our entire lives. While the state of Florida has done very well when compared to other states, more can always be done to prevent death and illness.

Based on reports globally, I am working with organizations to promote vitamin D testing and supplementation to vulnerable populations. For example, the elderly typically have the lowest vitamin D levels and are more vulnerable to COVID-19.

Global studies have shown those with vitamin D levels above 30ng/ml fair far better when infected with COVID-19. Three quarters of our population are vitamin D deficient, and I am urging everyone to be aware of this severe deficiency and to improve their vitamin D levels.

For more information, please visit to learn how you can potentially reduce your risk from COVID-19 by increasing your vitamin D level

Disaster Relief

Grants Information for Households & Families

Reemployment Assistance

Paycheck Protection Program

Educational Resources

Statewide School Closure Updates

Scholastic Learn at Home – Educational curricula being offered for free while schools are closed

Dept. of Education scholastic resource list

PBS Kids Daily Newsletter – Offers fun & educational activities your children can take part in at home


For Small Businesses

Dept. of Labor – Resources for workers & employers

CARES Act - U.S. Chamber guide to the Federal stimulus package. 

SBA Disaster Loan Assistance – Information on the US Small Business Administration’s disaster loan program

Paycheck Protection Program – SBA Loan for Businesses Impacted by Coronavirus

Small Business Bridge Loan Program – Information on the state of Florida’s small business emergency loan program

U.S. Chamber Small Business Guide

For Senior Citizens

AARP – What you need to know about coronavirus

Department of Elder Affairs

Other Resources:

Free meals for children under 18

Provided by the Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Price Gouging reporting center

Provided by the office of the Attorney General

Coronavirus Tax Relief